Purwokerto, March 1, 2014


I don’t know what’s happening now in my life. Suddenly, both of them came back almost in the same time. It’s like has been planned before. The boy told me that he regretted his decision to left me and he asked me to be back to him. Of course, I didn’t agree with that because it’s to short to him to ask that. Didn’t he realise his mistakes, the hurts that he left for me? I don’t understand why he asked that to me easly like that! He told me that he never had any special relationship with the girl, but I knew and thought that was just A BIG LIE!  Now, I never believe in him anymore, NEVER! He’s a very good LIAR and his words are POISONS, very DANGEROUS POISONS!!!

After the boy, the girl came. She pretended to asked my condition, but I could read what she wanted. And it proved! She asked me about my realtionship with the boy after that problem. I told her the truth. She apologized to me about that problem, but I disregarded her. I know that her words are just like the boy’s words, her words are the big BULLSHIT! I told that girl that I want to keep away to that boy, I won’t disturb his life or her life or the other’s life. Although, she’s like a good girl, but for me she’s just like a VIPER!

 There is something you must know, boy and girl, I’m serious with my words! I’m not a HYPOCRITE and I’m not a VIVER like you two! Both of you are BASTARDS!!!